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Jake Ryan CH

(Graycliff Tony GCH x Erotic Dancer GCH)

This gifted World Champion park stallion inherited the best of both of his legendary parents.  Jake catches your eye with his big trot and exotic, seahorse neck; both traits which he consistently provides each of his offspring.  If your mare needs NECK & TROT to

complete the package, then you must...

#MakeWithJake !!!

Breeding Info:  Dawn Montgomery - New Day Farm 

(913) 568-1002  -

x Fire Run Pandora
x DSD Ava
x Whispering What Else
x Playmor's Flick Chick
Stallions: About Me

Higher Ellevations

2016 Grey Morgan Stallion

Frozen semen now available!
For breeding info, contact Kristen 970-988-7099

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Jesse 4.jpg
Jesse 1.jpg
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Jesse 2.jpg
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Stallions: About Me
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