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Team Cobalt

"The things you are passionate about are not random.  They are your calling."
~Fabienne Fredrickson


Kristen Tramposh


Kristen has an Equine Science degree from Colorado State University.  Prior to opening Cobalt Stables, she completed an internship as assistant trainer for River's Edge, Inc. in Colorado, and then went on to train with Peeper Ranch for over ten years.  Kristen has a knack for being able to break things down so that they are easily understood for both rider and horse, making her as talented an instructor as she is a trainer.  Kristen's reputation for hard work and attention to detail have brought her success in nearly every seat.


Ernesto Martinez

Head Caretaker

"Nesto" comes to us with 20+ years of experience working with Morgan show horses!  He is kind, patient, and extremely talented in his work with babies and young horses.  Nesto is attentive and vigilant with the horses in his care.

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